6 CSL LP 12-1 Cpod 2.4 Battery Wireless Uplight System

$1,599.00 $1,399.00

CSL LP 12-1 Cpod 2.4 Battery Wireless Uplight System

Now available in 3 versions:

1. Standard Cpod Gen2 Remote Control

2. New Cpod Gen3 Unlimited Range remote Control

3. New DMX Gen 3 Unlimited Range remote/DMX Control

Built in the USA

The most popular Uplighting System available

This system is a winner:
Compare Size - Color Output - Easy of Transport includes 6 wireless 2.4 hand held controlled, battery powered uplights with chargers and free case.

Cpod 12-1 with diffusion filter Photo courtesy of: http://www.arrowheaddj.com/

FCC Listed

Download: CPodV2.4 Controller Manual

100 ft. range
New & Improved CPODv2.4 Change uplighting colors, brightness, full on, chase, fade and blackout control in the palm of your hand. One remote controls 50 units
Freq: 2.4~2.4835 GHz RF Output <0.5mW

Battery: 8800ma 12.6v

Super quiet Hydraumatic bearing fan

Photos courtesy of: http://www.evolutionentertainment.net

"Your lights continue to amaze us and our guests."
Joe Brito, Owner, Evolution Entertainment

Optional: CSL Cpodv2.4 WiFi Controller

Plus 15 auto functions:
Auto Color changing with brightness control
3 colors jump to change, 7 colors jump to change with speed control
3 colors jump to guadual change, 7 colors jump to change with brightness control
Red strobe, Blue strobe, Purple strobe, Green strobe, Yellow strobe, Cyan strobe, White strobe with brightness
Red/Blue alternately, Green/Blue alternately, Red/Green alternately with speed adjustment

Photo by Get Down Tonight: http://www.getdowntonight.com

Photo by Ultimate Ent DJs: http://www.ultimateentdjs.com/index2.php#/home/

Photo by: http://www.superlativeevents.com

Batteries can be charged 600's times - Chargers included

Powerful Luxeon 1 watt technology can shot over 20 ft.
Don't be confused that all leds are the same, they are not...
12-1 watt Luxeon leds have the power of 240 1/4 watt led's

One Remote controls 50 plus units

Download: CSL FCC Grant document

Customer Comments:
I would like to thank you and your company for all the help and support you have give me from the beginning. These lights are great and I know your company is too.
Thanks a lot and I hope to do more business with you guys in the near future.

From A Very Happy Customer... :)
That DJ Guy

Thanks for making such a kick ass product. I wish I had known about these lights before last year;)
Brian King


You guys are fantastic!
Jason Jones
Elegant Event Entertainment

I just wanted to tell you how stoked I am with the new up-lights we bought. We still use the 12 original lights we bought from you guys years ago all the time. The new style diffusing lenses and the Pelican case are fantastic. I could not be happier, Take Care, DJ Bob - California

Everyone loves your lights.  They've been lighting up me weddings - my Mitzvahs and of course Holiday parties!  They're the best.

Bryan Chesters  Let's Party LA Entertainment  http://www.letspartyla.com

Professional Roadcase included

• Ultra high-strength polypropylene co-polymer resin
• UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant
• Complete gasket seal makes these cases absolutely watertight
• Automatic ambient pressure equalization value
• Resistant to corrosion and impact damage
• Continuous molded-in hinge
• Patent pending "trigger release" latch system
• Rubber over-molded cushion grip handle
• Locking Loops to accept a customer supplied lock

Optional:CSL Diffusion Filter for LP Uplighting Fixtures

Weight: 25 lb.
Dimensions: 20in. × 12in. × 6in

Unlimited Range

New Optional CPod Gen 3 Controller and LED driver circuit

Key Features:
Chase/Fade Syncing with all units
Master Dimming
Individual dim control of each color (8 Indexes per color)
Long Range application: Each unit links to the next closest unit making the control distance almost limitless...

Color Wheel - Individual 8 step dimmers - Master Dimmer
Mode Button functions:
1. RGB-Blackout (RGBW-White light fades in and out)
2. RGB colors flow fading in and out (2-1)
3. RGB color fade in and out (1)
4. RGB single color chase
5. Flow chase (2-1)
6. Random color chase
7. Red color fades in and flashes
8. Green color fades in and flashes
9. Blue color fades in and flashes

Cpod Gen3 Product Release:

Cpod Gen 3 Manual download:

Unlimited Range

New optional: 12-1 2.4 DMX System RF system

This makes the 12-1 uplight controllable to a DMX controller of your choice plus you can control the light via handheld remote.
Long Range application: Each unit links to the next closest unit making the control distance almost limitless...

Gen 3 DMX Remote

Obey 3 Roadcase

Chauvet Obey3 is a great controller for simple powerful DMX control, add the wireless DMX transmitter, and add a battery option for complete wireless control operation.  call for details...

CSL Roadcase holds 12 12-1 Uplight without chargers

CSL Roadcasse holds 12 12-1 Uplights with chargers

CSL Roadcase holds 20 12-1 Uplight without chargers

Unlimited Range Dmx - This system links light to light unlimited distance as long as the lights are 90ft or less apart -

EnabLED Licensing Program