30mm DMX RGB pixel module light

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30mm DMX RGB pixel module light

DC12V,1 pixel,3 DMX channels,RGB SMD5050,IP65

Product features
◇ Apply aluminum alloy shell and PC flame retardant plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, easy installation.
◇ Support the DMX512 control,manual and automatic address selections, meet the needs of customers different occasions,
   long distance signal transmission ,strong anti-jamming capability. 
◇ Built-in high precision constant current drive, LED luminous effect good consistency and uniform color,Beam angle 
   180 degrees . 
◇ Use the high quality SMD 5050 lights design, 1 W ~ 3.6 W can be choose, red, green, blue, white, etc LED color can be choose.
◇ Use the high efficiency DC to DC power management design, energy saving up to 40%.
◇ Using environmental protection material, no glare, no noise, using solid-state capacitor design, long service life. 
◇ All potting glue craft, waterproof performance is superior, up to IP65.
◇ Applied to billboard background,bridge,river and lake guardrail, building outline , other large dynamic light place and so on.

Connection diagram

Model LCL-RGB-P30M Input Voltage DC12V
Size Φ30mm Control DMX512
LED Light Source SMD 5050 Address Setting Auto/UCS1903
LED QTY 3PCS PCS/channel 170PCS/channel
LED Pixels 1Pixels OperatingTemperature -20~50℃
Emitting Angle 120° Storage Temperature -40~80℃
Power 0.72W IP IP65