50mm milk DMX 3D ball light

$699.00 $499.00

DC15V,50 pixel,3 DMX channels,RGB SMD5050,IP65

Product features
◇ The housing is adoption of PC plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging and UV protection.
◇ Support DMX control protocol, signal synchronization, signal transmission distance, immunity to interference.
◇ Adopt SMD5050 LED,glowing effect good consistency and uniform color,360 degree viewing angle.
◇ Multiple LED balls to form a video light curtains or 3D visual matrix.
◇ Simple installation, ensure that the mounting surface is beautiful, clean and tidy.
◇ Waterproof technology, Ip65.
◇ The string ball quantity and gap can be OEM to meet the customers in different places.
◇ Application to television studios, theme parks, river, clubs, shopping malls and other places etc.

Connection diagram
Model LCL-3DB50M/T-D0401 LCL-3DB45M/T-D0401 Size Φ50mm Φ40mm LED Light Source SMD RGB 5050 SMD RGB 5050 LED QTY 4 PCS 4 PCS LED Pixels 16Pixels 16Pixels Emitting Angle 120° 120° Power 0.9W 0.9W Input Voltage DC15V DC15V Control DMX512 DMX512 Address Setting Manual Manual PCS/channel 170PCS/channel 170PCS/channel Operating Temperature -20~50℃ -20~50℃ Storage Temperature -40~80℃ -40~80℃ IP IP65 IP65