ART PS8-II Power Sequencer

$299.00 $199.00

The ART PS8-II provides controlled power sequencing to eight rear AC outlets. Each output's power up / power down is delayed by a fixed amount determined by the front panel user definable Sequence Delay control. This allows you to control the power up and down sequence in a system to smooth out inrush currents and minimize turn-on transients that may damage sensitive equipment. The PS8-II is also a full-featured power conditioner, fast acting breaker, EMI and RFI filter, as well as offer surge and spike protection to protect your system. By design it is ideal to sequence and therefore protect a wide range of equipment including sensitive tube preamps, powered speakers, large displays, or digital systems.

Professional Power Sequencer
Power Capacity 1800 W Maximum Load 15 Amps / 1800 W (@ 120 VAC) Outlets 8 x Rear Mounted Individually Sequenced Outlets,
1 x Front Mounted Unswitched Delay Time 0.5 to 2.0 Second Variable Pot Remote Switch On/Off Function Remote Terminal Rear Mounted 4-pin Euro Block Connector Line Filtering RFI / EMI Power Requirements USA - 105 to 125 VAC / 60 Hz
(Export units configured for country of destination) Dimensions 1.75"H x 19.0"W x 11.5"D (165mm x 482mm x 292mm) Weight 9.2 lbs