Bridal Show Trussing System

$1,299.00 $1,059.00

Bridal Show Trussing System

Stand out from the crowd

This is a custom configured package for bridal shows.

8' 5/8" wide ft wide trussing system that all fits in one carry in bag, 6 additional clamps for displays.

Backdrop Global Screen for fill.

The Global Truss Truss System is an 8' wide x 8' high mobile DJ goalie post style truss system built with F23 triangle truss.

Features & Specifications:

•  Great For Mobile Entertainers
•  Quick & Easy Set-Up
•  Lightweight & Portable
•  Height & Width Can Be Extended Using Our F23 Triangular Truss Series
•  220mm (8 5/8") Outer Diameter
•  35mm (1 1/3") Outer Diameter Tubing