Chauvet LFS 5D Gobo Effect Light

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Chauvet LFS 5D Gobo Effect Light

The Chauvet LFS 5D makes a great projector, whether you use one of the four included gobos or make your own with transparency film.

Chauvet's LFS-5D is a compact, easy-to-use framing spot light powered by a 23-watt white LED. Utilizing a 16- to 24-degree zoom and internal framing shutters, you can easily size and mask light off unwanted surfaces with precision. A single gobo slot houses one of four included gobos, or a custom-made version. Nearly any color can be achieved with its removable gel frame


- Compact, LED framing spot shines a hard-edged beam perfect for gobo projection
- Fade the LED by connecting to a dimmable circuit such as the DMX-4 LED
- Highlight areas by altering the projected beam with framing shutters
- Easily print your own gobos on transparency film
- Flexibility to project from any distance using the 16* to 24* zoom range
- Includes four popular gobos to complement a variety of events
- Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units