Circuit Cue

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CIRCUIT CUE - A must for any Serious Mobile DJ

CIRCUIT CUE + KLEIN Tester are two devices you need for testing AC electrical circuits.

Test the receptacle outlet for power and detect wiring problems before you connect..

1. Plug the KLEIN tester into each 
   receptacle being tested to vertify the      
   circuit is on and wired correctly.  
2. Then plug the Circuit Cue into a 
    receptacle outlet.
3. With an IEC cable plugged into the 
    bottom of the Circuit Cue, use an
    extension cord to access an AC  
    receptacle away from the original 
    receptacle plug that the circuit cue is       
    plugged into.

Note: When the light is ON  you have two separate circuits/breakers.

DJ Barr uses this you should to...

Edited video from May 3 posting:

Note Never trust anyone's cables but your own! : Complete DJ Barr video link

Receptacle Tester

How and why to use:

Great Video understanding neutral and ground relationships and why a tester is good to have.

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