• *CSL 3 StingRay Edition RGBAW/UV Uplight

    $2,499.00 $1,799.00

    The newest series of CSL lighting products:

    The StingRay Edition 6 per case with chargers...$1799

    The Next Generation CSL Uplight with Smart Phone App Control, IR remote, Menu color Selection, and Wireless DMX

    The perfect choice for Corporate, DJ, and Wedding Lighting

    . Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Powered

    . 3x12W 6in1 (RGBAWUV)

    . 2.4G Wireless DMX in/out

    . Smart Phone App Control

    . Battery Gauge Monitoring

    . HDTV Video Flicker Free

    . 4 DMX Channel Modes

    . Nature Cooling without Fan & Noise

    . 1.77 inch TFT LCD Display Screen

    . Sound Active Mode

    . 32 Preset Colors

    . Built-in Auto and Fade Program

    . 12.6V DC Charger

    . 5.4” x 6.8” x 2”

    . 2.6 lbs.

    Run Times:
    Red 320ma 10 hrs.
    Green 400ma 8 hrs.
    Blue 410ma 7.8 hrs.
    Amber 320ma 10 hrs.
    White 400ma 8 hrs.
    UV 410ma 7.8 hrs.

    CSL 3 6 Pak + SKB Case 26 lbs.

    includes a extra space for a optional SmartBox WI-FI/DMX Transmitter

    Available in a 10 Pak, 34 lbs.

    Optional: CSL 6 AC Charger Strip

    The StingRay Edition Series of Controllers are battery powered and DMX 2.4G Wireless. This is the easy way to use the powerful ADJ Hexcon, and Chauvet OBEY 6 controllers.

    Optional: CSL Dmx Wireless Transmitter

    Optional : CSL 2.4 Dmx 7 Color Wireless Transmitter and Battery Power Supply

                     Powers ups your dmx controller and offers a wireless 2.4 transmitter

    Interface from the Phone or DMX control you need a SmartBox Pro with battery power (sold separate)

    The SmartBox is the central broadcast station to control lighting products by a App or controller to transmitter wireless DMX. It is with 2.4G Wireless DMX Transceiver Module and a 2.4G WiFi Module. That means it can not only connect to the lighting console, but also connect to the smartphone and use the App to control the CSL 3 light.

    Ben Stowe's RGBAW Color Mixing Chart

    Manual Download Link:

    App Link:

    Leasing option example:

    $2k - $174/month for 1 year, $91/month for 2 years, $63/month for 3 years

    $3k - $261/month for 1 year, $136/month for 2 years, $94/month for 3 years

    $4k - $348/month for 1 year, $181/month for 2 years, $125/month for 3 years