*CSL 4 5-1 RGBWA Battery Uplight

$1,999.00 $1,799.00

NEW CSL RGBWA 15 watt Uplight
Double the  Brightness
Double the Coverage
Cpod Gen 4 Remote (90 ft range) or DMX control (200+ ft range)
Large 11,000ma battery
Built in the USA

Preset your color for a event.

Remembers last color from the hand remote!

Adjustable 0-20 degree tilting

Remote Control Instructions
DMX Instructions

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Music on Wheels

We are absolutely loving the lights!

       DJ's  Pete and Tammy Rivet
               Music on Wheels

2 Roadcases available holding 4 or 6 lights plus AC Chargers

CSL 4 RGBWA 4 Uplight Case with removable AC Strip and chargers 24 lbs.

CSL 4 RGBWA 6 Uplight Case with builtin AC Strip and chargers 36 lbs.

CSL/ADJ Hexcon DMX Battery Wireless System

Also available with Blizzard Kontrol 5 for zone assignments

Battery CSL/Hexcon added ports

Diffusion filter for super wide smooth coverage $3 ea.

When you set the CSL 4 to White and use old school Color Gel (6 included ) and Frames to mount on the CSL 4 for special events/productions.  This locks the color function so colors can not be changed by staff! $5 ea.

Cpod Gen 4 Remote Setup

Cpod Gen 4 Hexcon DMX Controller Setup

New T4 Remote

Designed for permanent installs with tempered glass cover and preset Amber/White mix function

Requires 2 AAA batteries, Remote can mount directly to the wall