44 RGB Landscape Fixture

$249.00 $159.00

1). Aluminum alloy case, Patent design.
     Aluminum Alloy+Toughened glass
2).Super bright 44 LEDs, RGB
3).6W solar panel can be replaced.
4).One button to choose 9 different lighting mode or off.
     Seven Colors for Decoration.
5).Easy to install
Solar panel: 6W, 17% efficiency 10 years
Li-ion battery: 3.7V 8000mAh 1000 cycles
LED 300lumens 50,000Hrs, 2700K~6500K

Lighting mode
5 hours 100% brightness and then 3 hours 50%, 8 hours per night. Red,Orange,
Yellow,Green,Green Grass,Blue, Purple, Seven Colors. (1. Keeping one Color, 2. Seven Colors fast change, 3. Seven Colors gradual change. Total 9 different lighting modes)
Solar charging time: 9 hours by bright sunlight 1000W/m2

Product Size: Light 9.5:w x 5.5"d x 5" h  Panel 7.5:w x 5.5" d x 11" h

Product Application Area
Garden, park, courtyard,community, commercial building,plaza,etc