• A DLSR Photo Booth

    $3,999.00 $2,999.00

    NEW Gen 4 CSL Portable Photo Booth...

    Compact - Roadcased - Quality Components

    2 Versions available: Camera mounting on top of case or Camera mounted inside case!

    CSL Portable Photo Booth Roadcase System includes:

    Three way mount: Tripod, Truss or Table

    23" LCD Touch Screen

    DLSR Camera Tilt Mount for (Canon T2-T5-T6 not included)

    LED Hi-output Modeling light strips with remote control

    IBM ThinkCentre i5 Processor 7500 processor (6M Cache, 3.4GHz)

    256 SSD, 16G Memory, HDMI output for extra monitor viewing

    Rear USB printer port

    Rear HDMI Monitor jack

    Usb Keyboard

    Usb Mouse

    Case Monitor Hardboard front and (2) rear covers

    Camera Power Supply included

    Camera optional

    Camera mounting on top 32 lbs.

    Camera mounting inside case 42 lbs.

    Note: Camera removal tilting mount

    Note: Printer can be placed on the rear section of the Photo Booth stand. Printer platform area is 14"x 20"

    Note: Truss Stand has a removal 1 1/2" stem

    Add remote control to any Photo Booth with the PRC - Photo Booth Remote Control

    4 Functions can be controlled from the FOB remote

    USB 1.5ft. interface, LED Power Indicator and 12v DC Power Supply included

    Case Version with Camera mounted inside case.
    Shown with Black Scrim

    Rear Camera mount area

    Rear View (Twin removable panels)


    Portable Photo Booth System

    Designed for use with many Photo Booth software systems, you need to purchase your user license add the software of your choice: