• Wireless DMXPRO-CB

    $149.00 $99.00

    This is newest wireless system circuit card.  Both a transmitter or receiver. Transmitter packaged unit sold separate.

    These units can replace the your old low distance wireless boards. (Red 5v, Black Gnd, Yellow DMX + pin3, White DMX - pin2)

    1. Better signal distances
    2. Signal code locking

    Comparison test: (results may vary depending on location)

    2.4 Wireless 75 ft.
    Cpod          174 ft.
    Flarecon     180 ft.
    Wi-DMX Transmitter to Wi-DMX 186 ft.
    Wireless W-DMX DMXPRO-CB Transmittter to Wireless W-DMX DMXPRO-CB 216 ft.
    Wireless W-DMX Transmitter to WirelessDMXPRO-CB 240 ft.
    Wireless W-DMX Transmitter to Wireless W-DMX 273 ft

    Are you tried of losing your DMX signal, you can't get to the other end of the room. 

    Here is the answer to all your problems!

    Wireless DMXPRO Instructions

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