Gravity Stands GLS331B

$339.99 $199.99

The Gravity GLS331B is a professional lighting stand with large steel base plate for stability. This sturdy lighting stand is perfect for bands, DJs, and other performers wanting to mount their lighting effects. The stand has 2 main parts, the steel base plate, and an adjustable pole that can reach up to 8 ft. high. Super easy to use, and is compatible with the Gravity T-Bar attachment.

The 35 mm pole includes a female threaded M10 insert, the base tube has a male M20 end. The Steel base plate also has 2 integrated handles for easier transportation.

Gravity Lighting Stand Features:
Large heavy steel base for stability
Designed in Germany
35 mm pole with M10 female thread
Adjustable from 4.6 ft.TO 8 ft. maximum height

Gravity GLS331B Specifications:
Product type: lighting stand

Material Tube: steel

Color Tube: black

Finish Tube: powder coating

Min. Height: 1420mm

Max. Height: 2420mm

Max. Weight Load: 20 kg

Height Adjustment Type: set screw and safety pin

Extensions: 1

Base type: steel plate

Base Material: steel

Height Adjustment Collar: steel

Base Dimensions: 550 x 550 mm

Pole Diameter: 35 mm, M10 threaded

Weight Base Plate: 30 pounds