Switch - Relay & Socket - Wire

$1.00 $0.60

12V 20A Waterproof Switch...$4.75

LED Color: Blue in On position
Voltage: DC 12V - 20 amp capacity

Waterproof 12V DC 40A 5 PIN Relay & Socket Kit..$10

*Waterproof construction
*High 40A coil capacity- able to handle those high current applications with ease
Wire Specifications:
White - Ground (85)
Black- VDC 12v+ (30)

Yellow- Trigger 12+ Voltage (86)

Blue- Output N/C (87a) Open
Red- Output N/O To Lights (87)

 UV-Sunlight, Water, and Mud Resistant rated cable. Includes black and red conductors

18-2 per foot...60 cents per foot (flat)

18-4 per foot...$1.00 per foot (round)

16-2 per foot ....75 cents per foot (round)

14-2 per foot ....1.00 per foot (flat)

12-2 per foot ....1.25 per foot (flat)