• XLR Combo Tester (3 Pin)

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    The 2 most important xlr wiring issues are the connections and proper phrase!

    This tester finds both very easy and fast.  And by being a separate send and receive test format, it gives you more flexibility.

    XLR Tester works by attaching the female xlr LED connector and the Power control male XLR connector to any xlr cable

    This easy to use combo tester checks for both wiring connections and for the polarity status for proper audio and DMX phasing.

    Red and Green LED’s On the cable is OK
    No LED’s = Defective Pin 1 or short
    Green LED = Only Pin 2 Good
    Red LED = Only Pin 3 Good

    Power switch has 3 positions:

    - switch position is for the Polarity wiring test:

    Only the Green led should light, if the Red led should glow then the pin 2 and pin 3 connections are reverse, the cable is out of phrase and pins 2 and 3 need to be changed for proper operation

    O Off

    = switch position is for the Continuity wiring test:(both red and green led’s should light.

    Green=Pin 2          Red=Pin 3   Cable is Good

    The great time about this tester: Easy to Use and you can check a cable or multi cables in series with ease!