• XLR Gen 2 Tester

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    XLR Gen 2 Tester works by attaching the female power connector and the LED status connector to any cable

    (Updated 3 Mode Function Switch)

    I = Cable testing

    O= Off (Turns the inside 9v battery Off when storing the unit)

    II= Polarity testing

    Continuity/Wiring Test:
    Switch in the I position Continuity/Wiring Test:
    If both LED’s Red=Pin 2 Amber=Pin 3 are Blinking; the cable has all pins connected.

    Switch to the II position to check polarity.
    The Amber led should be the only LED on.  This is a good cable!

    Trouble LED status indicators:
    If NO LED’s are blinking, Pin 1 wiring could be bad or Pin 2 and 3 are have  no connection or are shorted to Pin 1.

    If LED Red and Amber are both ON, it means Pin 2 and 3 are shorted

    No Red LED on Pin 2 disconnected or shorted to Pin 1

    No Amber LED on Pin 3 disconnected or shorted to Pin 1

    If only one of the two LED’s is ON it means that
    Red=Pin 2, Amber=Pin 3 is functioning.  The color not showing is bad.

    Polarity Test:
    Switch needs to be in the II position
    Polarity (Is Pin 2 and 3 the same at both ends or are they wired opposite)

    Polarity Correct: Only the Amber LED should be ON.

    If Red status led is ON, pins 2 and 3 are wired opposite. (Out of Phase)