Yorkville YX12M

$349.00 $239.00

The YX12MC delivers outstanding performance in a highly cost effective monitor
package. Engineered in North America, the YX12MC benefits from Yorkville's
forty plus years of PA enclosure design experience in the creation of this compact
passive monitor enclosure.
The YX12MC uses a single 12-inch driver and an injection molded 90° x 30° ABSW
aveguide horn with 1-inch throat and 1.4-inch Celestion neodymium
compression driver. Yorkville's tried and true dual-bulb CTL™ protection system
protects the horn driver's aluminum diaphragm ensuring unmatched reliability in
the field. The YX12MC is built road-ready with easy-to-clean, durable black
carpet covering,
solid internal plywood bracing and reinforced internal
component mounts.
Designed with working musicians in mind, the YX12MC uses a rugged 5/8-inch
plywood cabinet construction, metal input plate, and a custom punched,
perforated metal grille to protect the speaker components