Yorkville PSA 1S

$2,199.00 $1,799.00

The 1400-watt dual 12-inch active PSA1S bass reflex subwoofer is the
ideal companion sub for the PSA1 full range loudspeaker system. Solid
15mm birch plywood cabinet construction and an integrated all-metal
pole-mount adaptor make the PSA1S the perfect platform for stacking
PSA1 cabinets in a scalable array system. Compact design, heavy-duty
wheels and handles ensure the PSA1S can easily be handled by a
single operator for economical system set-up.
Efficient Class-D power amplifier design provides unmatched long-term
reliability in the field. Cable of direct connection to any audio source
(including speaker level input) the PSA1S can be easily integrated in to
virtually any PA application,
making it one of the most versatile active
subwoofer solutions Yorkville Sound currently offers.