• Yorkville PSA1

    $2,199.00 $1,799.00

    Yorkville Sound's Paraline Series active full range loudspeaker system delivers
    the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, user
    friendly format. Innovative cabinet design uses Yorkville Sound's proven
    Paraline high frequency lens technology pioneered in our flagship VTC Elevation
    Series line array cabinets.
    Two BMS 1.75-inch compression drivers mounted to the patented Paraline lens
    delivers a focused 15-degree vertical dispersion and wide 110 degree horizon-
    tal coverage. Four high quality 18 Sound 6-inch woofers provide a tight and
    ultra responsive low frequency program.
    Ideal for mobile PA applications in venues where access to complex trussing or
    roof hangs isn't practical, the Yorkville PSA1 cabinet mounts quickly and securely on a typical speaker stand. Innovative dual position stand mount offers two potential cabinet angles for expanded setup optionsUp to two PSA1 cabinets
    can be stacked safely and securely on a single traditional stand.