• 6 CSL 12-1 RGB+W Battery Uplight System

    $2,399.00 $1,999.00

    Customer Comments:

    By the way, I absolutely love those new uplights.  Have used them 3 times so far.  The size, brightness, and battery are amazing. 

    Alan Ley

    Sound Master Entertainment

    I truly love the uplights I have from you. They work without exception...Mark Maze

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    CSL 12-1 RGB+W Battery Uplight System with Gen 3 remote control, Gen 4 remote control, DMX and AC Versions Available Call For Pricing

    Easy to use - Compact Size - Light Weight - 9600ma 12 power Long Battery

    Runtime: RGBW 80% battery discharge

    White 320ma  24 hours

    Red 270ma 28 hours

    Green 310ma 24 hours

    Blue 280 ma 27 hours

    Amber 590ma 13 hours

    Magenta 560ma 13.7 hours

    Mounting Yoke Option:

    Gen 3 Remote Control Instructions

    Gen 3 Remote

    CSL Daslight ssl Files

    Phillips Licensing