ADJ WiFLY Par QA5 RGBA Wireless Par

$563.95 $379.99

Quad-color LEDs deliver the hues and color temperatures you need

The quad-color LEDs ADJ loaded in their WiFLY Par QA5 take the professional color blending of tri-color LEDs to a whole new level by adding a fourth amber filament to each individual LED. Not only does this let you create millions of colors, it gives you a ton of control over the color temperature as well. For instance, now you can create bright pastels and rich yellows, with virtually no risk of casting multicolor shadows. What's more, you can match the WiFLY Par QA5's to your incandescent fixtures, making it an excellent fixture for professional applications.

Think green, stay cool, and save money with LED technology

ADJ WiFLY Par QA5 Wireless LED Par Lighting Fixture Features:

  • Quad-color LEDs with red, green, blue, and amber filaments let you create millions of colors, including warm pastels and rich oranges that are out of reach for RGB fixtures
  • Receives WiFLY wireless DMX for remote integration with other WiFLY gear (up to 400' with open line of sight)
  • 48 color macros make programming simple washes easy
  • Full DMX control as well as automated/sound-activated patterns provide several configuration options
  • Easily create complex coordinated light shows via master/slave DMX daisy chaining
  • LED pulse and strobe effects let you amp up the energy on the dance floor or stage
  • Flicker-free operation accommodates video recording
  • Daisy-chainable IEC power connectors let you save cables during setup
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 6+ hours of operation (all on)
  • Can run on standard AC as well and includes daisy chain power output
  • Compatible with ADJ RFC remote control (sold separately)
  • Dual bracket yoke allows fixture to be hung or set on the ground

American DJ WiFLY Par QA5 Specs

Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Battery Life 6 hours full on (Full charge)
Battery Lifetime Average lifetime is 500 charges
LEDs 5 x 5 W Quad LEDs (RGBA 4-in-1)
Beam Angle 25°
Positions Any safe working position
Power Draw 58 W
Daisy Chain Power Cord: 10 fixtures maximum
Fuse 2 A
Colors RGBA color mixing
DMX Channels 8 DMX Modes: 1 Channel Mode,
2 Channel Mode, 3 Channel Mode,
4 Channel Mode, 5 Channel Mode
6 Channel Mode, 7 Channel Mode,
and 8 Channel Mode
Dimensions 10.5 x 9.5 x 6.5" (265.0 x 240.0 x 164.0 mm)
Weight 10.0 lb