• CSL SW15 Switch Box for Swisson XRC-CT15b

    $399.00 $298.00

    Design by CodeBlue, Dallas TX
    Manufactured by CSL

    CSL SW15 Switch Box is for the External Contact Box for the Swisson XRC-CT15b which controls the XRC200 DMX Recorder
    2 RJ45 T-568B Connections are installed in the XRC-CT15b
    Optional 2 7ft cables NE8MX-B etherCON RJ45 Cable connectors provide the interface between the XRC-200 and CRV-CT15b

    Ship us your Swisson XRC-CT15b for the RJ45 mod or purchase from this website

    3 Rolls of 16MM Momentary Push Button Switches
    5 Silver
    5 Black
    5 Red 
    Labels can be attached above each switch for it's function.
    Electrical life: 200 thousand times. Mechanical life: 1,000,000 cycles
    High quality metal material & IP65 waterproof protection can be used in wet or dusty environment
    There is space available to label each switch with DYMO Labeler (not include)