• Denon DN-300CMKII CD/Media Player with Tempo Control 1 RU

    $249.00 $199.00

    Denon DN-300CMKII is a single-rack, high-performance CD player with a convenient front-panel port for playing material from a USB drive, and an 1/8" stereo input for connecting external sources such as a smartphone, tablet, or other media player. The unit is well suited for retail shops, fitness studios, hotel/conference applications, and educational institutions. The ±15% tempo control allows you to speed up or slow down audio, which is especially useful for schools or fitness centers.

    In CD mode, a ten-key set of direct track access buttons allows you to quickly type in the track number you'd like to hear. Repeat and Random modes offer you multiple options for track sequencing in both USB and CD modes, while a power-on-play option allows you to pick up right where you left off in a given track order if you had to step away from the unit and power it down. For outputs, the DN-300CMKII features RCA jacks to connect to devices such as stereo receivers, as well as XLR jacks to plug in directly to active monitors.

            Plays audio from CD, USB and 3.5mm sources
            Super-fast loading, slot-in CD drive
            10-key direct track access buttons
            Random, Repeat, and Power-on-Play modes
            Tempo control for fitness applications
            Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA line outputs
            1 RU rack-mountable
            IR remote included