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  • Frequency Range 470 - 698 MHz

  • Standard configuration includes Water Resistant Padded Cover

  • Mounting block accepts 5/8-27, 1/4-20, AND 3/8-16 stands

    Reduce Wireless Microphone Dropouts

    The patent-pending Diversity Fin™ Antenna incorporates two separate antenna elements (LPDA and Dipole) oriented precisely at 90 degrees, reducing the chance of linear cross polarization fades and multipath dropouts. Typical spaced “paddle” antenna configurations consist of spatially separated directional antennas. This approach uses up space, requires additional setup/install time, and is twice as expensive as the Diversity Fin. See for yourself why production companies and system integrators worldwide are adopting Diversity Fin for their wireless mics!

    Diversity Fin™ features two separate antenna elements which connect directly to your wireless microphone receiver or antenna distributor's remote antenna inputs. Remove both whip antennas from receiver or antenna distributor, connect low-loss coaxial cable to Diversity Fin.

    Operating frequency: 468-740 MHz
    Bandwidth: 272 MHz
    Impedance: 50
    Pattern type: Dual Omni-Unidirectional
    LPDA Beam width: 140° Azimuth, Vertical Polarization
    Dipole Beam width: 100° Azimuth, Horizontal Polarization
    Transmit Power (max.): 50 W
    Connector: BNC female (2)